Guerrad Elapaz

The regulation for investing in modern artwork bought from local galleries is a word called: rip-off

Most local galleries make at least 50-70{55f43f23949e3696070eef0270412a4dafc863d1fbb26bab941fc4283188df46} commission on anything they are selling. The only way to avoid this 50-70{55f43f23949e3696070eef0270412a4dafc863d1fbb26bab941fc4283188df46} markup on all artwork items such as Chinese artwork, military artwork, Jesus artwork, patriotic artwork etc is to buy DIRECTLY from the artists themselves. Keep in mind though that the artists will more than likely not sell their piece of art cheaper than it would costs them to sell it to an art gallery, but you are still looking at a 50-70{55f43f23949e3696070eef0270412a4dafc863d1fbb26bab941fc4283188df46} decrease in price. That being said, if you buy directly from the artists themselves through online art galleries, you can resell these pieces of art at a markup price on your own online art gallery.

Online art galleries are emerging today as the place to buy and sell art. It is putting old fashioned local art galleries out of business. With an online art gallery, artwork is displayed across the entire world for everyone to see. With local art galleries, your artwork is displayed to only potential buyers locally in which societal and cultural factors play a huge part in a persons buying decision. Also on online art galleries, you can buy a piece of art for the same cost a local art gallery gets it for by buying directly from the artists.

You can resell the same piece of art on your own online art gallery for 30{55f43f23949e3696070eef0270412a4dafc863d1fbb26bab941fc4283188df46}-40{55f43f23949e3696070eef0270412a4dafc863d1fbb26bab941fc4283188df46} markup and have your competition (local art gallery) beat by a long shot. Online art galleries are extremely inexpensive and offer a huge advantage over local art galleries. The time, money, and headache of listing your piece of artwork just arent worth it at a local art gallery. Not only that, your artwork of Guerrad Elapaz is only seen locally instead of around the entire world! Not only that, if you go to art shows and meet some emerging artists, you can buy their artwork for cheap while they arent famous yet.

Think of artwork from emerging artists as an investment wheel. You are paying x amount of dollars for a piece of artwork at this point in time. You can hold onto that piece of artwork for x amount of months to x amount of years depending on the increasing value and sell it at a much higher price than what you paid for it. Many people around the world are doing this on a daily basis. I am one of them. I started doing this 4 years ago, and I have never looked back since. Last year I made $567,836 pure profit based on my last years tax statement just by buying and reselling artwork. It is a huge business opportunity and the market is NOT saturated like many other markets out there. The competition is extremely low for buying and selling artwork and now is the perfect time for you to jump in. I wish you the best of luck!